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September 5th, 2010

Pining for The Spot

from Jamie

Even though we’re still in the midst of a down economy, giving someone an object you picked up off the ground outside and calling it a shower gift is probably pushing proper gift giving. But sentimentality has its place in celebrating new beginnings… in this case the wedding of my dear friend and fellow Egg2Caker, Kate. In my California days, there was a large group of friends that spent every summer holiday weekend camping at an awesomely remote site in Sequoia National Forest. At some point, we all called it “The Spot” because that just seemed fitting. Kate and I still talk about those days fondly, spent sitting under a lovely Sequoia tree with a view of the universe before us.

This pinecone hails from the area and is chock full of best wishes and quotations that have been typeset on the computer, printed out on laser paper, trimmed in long strips and folded. Congrats to Kate and her hubby-t0-be!

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