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December 28th, 2010

Advent Calendar Wrap Up

from Jamie

We hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! I couldn’t resist sharing a few more advent calendar finds. Yes, the festivities and end of year are soon drawing to a close, but it’s never too late to consider a countdown project for your next holiday or celebratory milestone!

Found on The Violet Hours; cans by Room Envy.

I had to do a double take when I read that these are flattened toilet paper tubes! Found on The Violet Hours by Maya Made.

Found on Babble; cotton pouches available on Etsy.

Found on Babble; boxes created by Ali Edwards.

Found on Babble; spools with messages by Just Something Made.

Found on Babble, by Country Living.

Found on Babble, ready to buy at Bodie and Fou or make your own takeout boxes at Oh Dee Doh.

Found on Babble; fabric pouches by Quiet Fish.

A shoe-fire way to build excitement! Found on Babble, by Eighteen 25.

Found on Babble; paper cones by The Red Thread.

Found on Babble; leaves by the Etsy shop Between Hitching Posts.

Found on Babble, by Jessica Sprague.

Buckets by Garnet Hill.

Retro drawers of surprises by Garnet Hill.

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