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February 10th, 2011

From Hearts to Happy Accidents: Valentine Pancakes (Well, sort of.)

from Jamie

Things took an interesting turn when we got the griddle out on a recent snow day. We made the obligatory red and pink batter and started out making hearts but then a funny thing happened.

Livi decided she wanted to branch out, literally, and made an interesting pancake lattice. My first thought was, cool, and my second was, how the heck am I going to flip that over?

My fear came to fruition when the delicate web of batter did indeed break upon flipping. Bad mama!

But then two things happened which I did not predict: 1) Livi did not see it as one of the most disastrous events of her life, and we decided to break it even more.

It started to remind me of the old fashioned doilies our grandmas used to have and it became clear that it needed something perched atop, perhaps a nice scoop of ice cream with a little sprinkled powdered sugar for good measure? The perfect balance of soft and crunchy.

Breakfast of champions? Not!

My only guess as to the reason for Livi’s subdued reaction when her plan went to pieces? She must have envisioned the sweet ending.

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