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November 3rd, 2011

Next Restaurant: Childhood

from Jamie

Check out Next Restaurant’s newest themed menu: Childhood!

From the pictures and video I’ve seen, they do a fantastic job of presenting the simple culinary pleasures of childhood using creative and eloquent staging. My favorite has to be the plate of “foie”sting on cake batter mixers! Also on the menu: chicken noodle soup, fish ‘n chips, mac and cheese, school lunch box, hamburger and roasted marshmallows over plate-sized campfires.

I think Whet Moser of Chicago Magazine sums it up best: “The dough or frosting-covered mixer blades are a clever touch, though if my current habits are any indication, I don’t see what’s so childish about it.”

Find out more here.

p.s. Next’s video is temporarily disabled due to copyright issues with the music. They hope to have it back up soon. I was lucky to catch it before hand and I have to say Devotchka’s How it Ends (on the soundtrack from Little Miss Sunshine) was the perfect backdrop!

(photos courtesy Eater)

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