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January 9th, 2012

The Magic Garden (no green thumb required!)

from Jamie

Some gifts are so cool that they’re worth receiving more than once! I had made this garden with my daughter a couple years ago but we were both delighted when Livi received it as a Christmas present from my mom. The Magic Garden is, without a question, magical. The crystal growing kit takes no more than a few minutes to prep and quickly yields a beautiful mountain scene.

You begin by folding the cardboard mountain, trees and grass and positioning them in the plastic tray.

Then, following the instructions, you pour the various magic garden solutions in the tray at the base of each of the paper sculptures.

Immediately, you’ll see the paper start to absorb the liquid.

Within the hour, the magic crystals begin to appear!

A few hours later, the garden is complete!

What a great way to add some color and magic to a January day! Even better, the garden will remain at its peak indefinitely (assuming you have a safe place to display it). It’s worth noting that it is a bit fragile (especially the trees) and the crystals will fall off if you touch them or if the garden gets bumped and a tree falls over. But no watering or weeding is necessary — now that’s my kind of garden!

You can find it online here.


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