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February 13th, 2012

A Glass Class for All

There’s no better way to celebrate a holiday as a family than by sharing in a new experience. This past weekend we visited Brazee Street Studios, here in Cincinnati, for a Valentine’s open house. It was great fun to experiment with a new material such as glass, and I was in awe over all of the different forms it can take. Not in Cincinnati? Look around your town and see what you can dig up! It’s truly an experience that the young and old can share together.

Need some inspiration before diving into your own piece? Take a look at what’s on display around the studio.

Call me crazy, but what I actually loved the most was seeing the glass in its various raw forms, ready for purchase and your next project. The colors are fantastic, whether you’re looking at flat sheets or…

… these long rods.

The OCD designer in me also loved seeing the various hues of a color. These are small pieces that are cut or broken from sheet glass.

Such eye candy!

Here’s how they look after firing.

These are super thin pieces called confetti. They’re as thin as paper!

A sample showing how the confetti turns out.

These are rod dots.

They turn out looking like polka dots (on the right). On the left is frit which starts out as glass crumbs and turns into little pebbles.

Last but not least are the stringers (at far right). Imagine pre-cooked spaghetti that is very brittle at room temperature but which can be shaped when held over a tea light.

The stringers after firing.

Ok, Livi has made her selections.

Time to get down to business!

Starting with a clear square of glass as her canvas, she glues her thicker pieces on first, adding the thinner, smaller pieces on top.

The results of today’s open house: a beautiful range of self-expression! Some kept to a Valentine’s theme and others remained abstract. In a week, we can go pick up the finished pieces.

We can’t wait to go back and play some more!

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