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December 4th, 2012

Surprise Balls

If you enjoy the packaging of a gift as much as the gift itself, then surprise balls are for you! First, you start with a small trinket or piece of candy. Then you wrap it in crepe paper. Then you add another object and wrap. And repeat several times, depending on the desired size of your surprise ball.

This would no doubt be fun for kids but don’t rule out springing this on some adults as well! Older kids might like a money ball filled with coins, bills or gift cards. An adult version might contain very small, non-fragile ornaments, packets of tea and coffee, or notes about bigger gifts or surprises. Imagine sitting around the dinner table or by the fire, unraveling a surprise and passing it on to the person next to you! Of course, this is a fun idea for holidays and special events throughout the year.

For another creative gift giving approach, check out this post on following the spool!

(images courtesy Honestly WTF, via Design Mom)

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