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January 10th, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

The past couple of years I’ve been wanting to create some sort of family tradition for the last day of the year (to look back on the year that was) and for the first day of the new year (to look ahead with goals and dreams in mind).

Like with many good intentions, this remains on my back burner, but Gabrielle at Design Mom has some great ideas on how to get this ball rolling! And I love her personal definition for resolutions: “They function as a map for me as I head into the foggy unknown of the new year.”

Her family keeps a journal where they record their resolutions with prompts such as:

This year, I want to learn: __________
I want to read: __________
I want to make: __________
I want to visit: __________
I want to change: __________
(The change prompt is supposed to help you think of something like a bad habit you’d like to get rid of.)
I want to be better at: __________
Most of all I want: __________

No worries if you fear not making the full list happen; after all, life always has its own ideas for your plans! If nothing else, the journal becomes a cherished family heirloom in which parents and children can look back on and see how they grow and change.

What are we talking about at our house? Dogs! Livi unwrapped a book about golden retrievers over the holidays so now we’re headed into full planning/research mode. We’re not new to the pet world (currently, we have cats and frogs), but we do know that the adventure we’re embarking on will take things to a whole new level! So even though this will likely happen in the summer, we’re involving Livi from the beginning, so she learns about pet ownership every step of the way. Of course I was the one to make the list of responsibilities and expenses, while she took care of the list of potential names!

Getting what you want can be fun. But the anticipation is even sweeter!


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