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Posts tagged ‘magazines’

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Bring on Spring!

from Jamie

A very wet and grey weekend kept us inside and pining for some color. After seeing this tutorial by Zakka Life awhile back, we decided to nurture our own paper blooms, not from seeds but straight from the mailbox. (We opted to use double stick tape for our flower power instead of glue.) When finished, the paper creations can be hung with clear fishing wire or just placed on a flat surface. I love the blended textures of color and image, which are not unlike fabric swatches. Regardless of what you make, one thing is for certain: It’s time to look at that pile of junk mail with new eyes.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Review: Seeing the Everyday

from Jamie

Even in today’s world of digital communications, I love nothing more than holding a brand new issue of my favorite magazine in my hands at the mailbox. Today I’m excited to report on a new find called Seeing the Everyday. The photography is king for sure, but the content is thought-provoking and engaging. And there are no ads! The magazine documents the “simple, daily, prosaic experiences where fathers and mothers look beyond what might appear inconsequential and instead see the relationship.” I would have always loved this but it’s especially meaningful now since it embodies Egg2Cake’s philosophy of capturing and celebrating life’s moments, and making the mundane memorable.