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Posts tagged ‘valentines’

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Valentine’s Games for Home and School Parties

If you’re doing last minute prepping for a Valentine’s party at home or at your child’s school, here are a few fun ideas.

For the first game, you’ll need conversation candy hearts, straws and some small containers.

You start by having the hearts in one container and then each child must transfer the hearts into another container, using a drinking straw and creating a vacuum that allows the heart to stick to the straw. This can be done with individuals or teams, with the winner being the first person who finishes or the person with the fastest time transferring all their hearts.

The next game is a Valentine’s version of the classic, Twister, found on We hosted a party this weekend for neighborhood friends and the game was a big hit.

For a quiet, sit down game, try a famous pairs match up, using cartoon/movie characters, or our version, which included food pairs (mac and cheese,  spaghetti and meatballs, etc.)

Last but not least, all that effort was rewarded with some lovely treats.

For quick but cute table decor, check out Target for plates, napkins, cups and…

… these adorable paper woodland creatures which hold small amounts of candy.

They also had these groovy striped paper straws…

… as well as some cotton candy popcorn. Pink rules!

For a take home treat, I made Perler Bead owls for everyone (yes, our household is still obsessed with the tiny beads!)

What are you planning for the little lovelies in your life?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Valentines Inspiration

After the buildup surrounding the holidays, Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on us. Instead of the usual, check out all of these fun ways to show someone you care. Creating a unique and heartfelt gesture will long be remembered after the box of chocolates has been eaten!

Who knew a snowy cold day could warm your heart?

(Design Mom)

Create a heart tree garland outside someone’s window.

(Oh Happy Day)

A lovely lawn job!

(Oh Happy Day)

A heart attack!

(Oh Happy Day)

A hearty homecoming:

(The House That Lars Built)

A great start to the day:

(You are my Fave)

Work AND play:


For hearty appetites:

(Lil Sugar)

Lunchbox love notes:


Got cabin fever? Host a heart hunt around the house:


Or host a party for small sweethearts:


Send goodie bags in for your child’s classmates:


Send your love long distance!

(Oh Happy Day)

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

From Felt Heart to Heart Felt: the Valentine’s Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! Here are a few highlights I wanted to share:

Check out the felt hearts Brian made for Livi and me… too sweet. It’s always fun when someone buys something for you, but someone making a gift is that much more special.

Each side holds a different color surprise.

Let the after school party begin! Hearts all over the front door ensured that Livi and her guests had come to the right place!

An unintended surprise: They also looked neat from the inside of the house.

The stage, or should I say table, is set! The biggest challenge in throwing a party? Making time right before the guests arrive to document your efforts!

For the record, I did offer everyone a peanut butter and jelly sandwich prior to the sugar celebration!

Two fun finds at the grocery: heart-shaped marshmallows and white chocolate gourmet hot cocoa (brand name: Stephen’s). Just add a drop or two of pink or red food coloring.

A good time was had by all!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Heart Attack

Looking to make someone’s day a little extra special? If you’re wanting to skip the traditional gifts AND not break the bank doing it, check out these two lovely ideas. The simple ingredients: paper, flour and love! In the meantime, I’ve got to get ready for a house full of little girls this afternoon… look for pics of the event tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Find out more about these flour hearts at Oh Happy Day.

Find out more about these paper hearts at The House that Lars Built.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

This cake requires a lot of heart!

Hats off (or should I say hearts off!) to I am Baker for the awesome heart cake. I am not a cake person — I actually never eat it and I certainly never make one (that’s what the grandmas are for, right?) But I LOVE the surprise inside! I really would love to try this for Livi’s neighborhood Valentine’s party next week (I’ve also seen the cake mold at Michael’s) but, well, I’m feeling a bit chicken. Would my heart be in it? Most importantly, would any heart be in it? For now, I will savor the images below!

I am so NOT a Baker.

(images courtesy I am Baker)

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Valentine surprises for hearty appetites!

Looking for ways to sweeten your kids’ lunches this month? Here are some quick and easy ideas found via Lil Sugar.

(images courtesy Lil Sugar)

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Wood you be mine?

It’s time for a new month, and a new holiday!

In case you missed any of these posts, here’s a blast from our Valentine’s archives to help get you into the spirit of things!

Still looking for that special card?

Throwing a Valentine’s party for some little sweethearts?

For hearty appetites!

Looking for love, in all the right places:

Straight from the heart decor:

(Wood You be Mine wood sampler by David Stark, via Haus Interior)

(image courtesy Martha Stewart)

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Stay out of the doghouse!

Doghouses are supposed to be for dogs. And yet many of us seem to find ourselves on Fido’s doorstep more often than we’d like thanks to a myriad of excuses (legitimate and otherwise).

Carly at Trend Hunter isn’t the first to love our cards, but we had to laugh at how she succinctly summed up the major benefit of our cards: to keep you out of the doghouse!

According to Carly, “Ohio-based paperpress shop Egg2Cake has created the perfect card to get you out of a bind. The Egg2Cake card collections are truly unlike any other. The company produces sentiments that will prevent you from having to deal with unfriendly family members or friends. The cards are designed to acknowledge the situations in life most try to avoid. For example, one Egg2Cake card is designed to say ‘Happy Day AFTER Our Anniversary!’

The Egg2Cake card line also has sweet sentiments on the inside, especially with the anti-Valentine’s Day cards. My personal favorite design from Egg2Cake is the ‘Happy February the 15th!’ which states on the inside ‘The holiday may be over, but love is still in the air.’

These Egg2Cake cards are the perfect way to say how you feel and avoid the doghouse.”

Thanks Carly! And here’s to staying out of the doghouse!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

from Kate

Even Mother Nature is getting sentimental! I found this ivy growing quite on its own up the side of our mailbox — clearly excited by the prospect of love notes inside! Here’s to the art of spreading love. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with all sorts of wonderful little touches of sweetness and light.

Friday, February 11th, 2011

What are little girls made of?

from Jamie

… Sugar and spice, and everything nice! This week we hosted a Valentine’s Party for Livi and her neighborhood pals.

The cute little red mailbox tins were found at Target (also in pink and white).

Red and pink carnations were cut short and placed in punch bowl cups and grouped on a cake platter. The low centerpiece kept all pals in good view of each other.

Pink strawberry milk helped wash down all the sweet stuff.

Pink Pocky (strawberry-coated biscuit sticks)

Cookie sprinkles

Sugar cookies… yum!

We also had a hunt for Hershey’s Kisses which were hidden all over the house. And yours truly has her eye on two that remain unnoticed!